Hiking the Coastal track in Sydney

Ah, January. The time of resolutions, promises, goals, and aims. Many of which are forgotten, or given up on, by the time the month draws to a close. Well, not for us adventure-seekers. January is the perfect time to set some serious outdoors and adventure goals. Here are just a few resolution ideas to get you started.

1). Try something new every month

This is my new year’s resolution and one I can’t wait to start. Already booked in I’ve got surfing in January, a triathlon in February, Paragliding in March. Other ideas on my list include geocaching, orienteering, slacklining, scuba…the list goes on.

Remember though, that adventure is relative. They don’t need to be huge, or overly expensive. You could wild camp for the first time, go on your first weekend road trip alone, swim in a waterfall. Anything that you’ve never tried before.

2). Commit to learning a new skill

Last year’s resolution was to learn to navigate using map and compass. It saw me put in a proper effort. I read and watched as much as I could, signed up for courses, and invested in the right equipment. This culminated in my first ever rogain to put my new skills to the test. I’ve definitely got a way to go still but having one ‘adventure focus’ for the year definitely helped.

What do you want to learn? Make a plan to help you get there, ending with an event towards the end of the year to give you a goal to aim for.

3). Take part in an existing challenge

There are so many good ideas out there already just waiting for you to take part in. One of my favourites is the 52 Hike Challenge, a global movement empowering people to discover the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits gained through hiking once a week for an entire year.

Or what about British adventurer Alastair Humphrey’s Year of Microadventure? I’ve been a big fan of Alastair for a long time and he has inspired many of my weekend adventures. This calendar is from a previous year but a great basis from which to plan yours.

4). Face your fears

What are you afraid of? Heights? Do a base jump. Speed? Do a downhill mountain bike ride. Water? Go canyoning. Facing fears is one of the ultimate ways to get your pulse racing – which makes it the ideal New Year’s resolution.

What would mine be? Well. I’m shit scared of horses so I guess riding a horse would be mine. But maybe that can wait till next year!

5). Sign up for an event and get training

This is an oldie but a goodie. Pick an event, any event. A triathlon, a Tough Mudder, an adventure race, anything. Having a goal to aim for will help to motivate with training.

Why not get some friends together for something like the Oxfam Trailwalker, where you tackle 100km of Australia’s coastline? Or perhaps something a little more exotic such as a multi-day trek abroad?

What are your New Year’s resolutions? I’d love to know – get in touch Facebook or Instagram.

new years resolutions for the outdoor adventurer